How You Make Hope Real For Women

18 Oct

Picture of widows and abandoned women receiving supplies
In Kenya, you provided widows and abandoned women—along with their daughters—with sewing boxes and sewing training to enable them to earn a living

How You Make Hope Real For Women

You are more powerful than you think!

Dear Family,

I wanted to contact you today to let you know just how special you are. Right or wrong, many of us base our self-worth on our accomplishments—the great things we have done, or the knowledge we’ve accumulated.

But for widows, abandoned women and single mothers in many cultures around the world the same is not so. Essentially, a woman with no man [husband] providing for her is impoverished. These societies are inherently patriarchal and traditionally against the economic independence of women. Most of the women have grown up believing that there’s nothing they can or should do to escape these customs.

And this is why you’re so special:

Because you KNOW God’s Word measures a woman’s worth rather than her cultural traditions, and you DO something about it by placing a value-affirming necessity into the hands of those who are powerless. That’s what happens when you GIVE.

Picture of widow standing next to new house
At left, a home you built for an impoverished widow; at right, her healthy, flourishing flock that produce eggs that she then sells in her community—thank you!

The Lord is using you mightily to advance His Kingdom by way of broken, outcast women. How beautiful is His grace! How deep, how full is His love! Because of you, hope is real for many hurting women in some of the most impoverished regions on earth.

This is what you do.

May the Lord continue to use you mightily,

Kristin Crandall
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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