Hunger Is No Game

26 May

At left, you’d never know by looking at Garrison now, happy and healthy with his cup of milk, that he once was miserable and hungry (inset) before Heaven’s Family helped; at right, Garrison’s mom (on left) is so thankful for the food program because it has helped her son and allowed her to better meet the pressing needs of her other children

Hunger is No Game

Rescuing the lives of critically malnourished children

Dear Friends,

Sometimes poverty can be so crushing that families literally watch their children starve to death before their eyes—powerless to do anything about it. The youngest are the most vulnerable.

Because of your compassionate gifts to the Food Ministry, however, we are able to make lifesaving differences in the lives of children who suffer from critical malnutrition. Garrison is one of them.

Garrison is just 4 years old and one of 9 critically malnourished children Heaven’s Family has been serving in Trans Nzoia, Kenya, by providing monthly food supplements to their families.

When we first met Garrison, his malnourished condition could easily be recognized by the yellow hue to his skin and hair. His mother, a widow, suffers from mental health issues, so the weekly food package has been a blessing to him and the whole family. Garrison’s mother no longer suffers under the pressure of finding enough food for her children.

Over the past several months our trusted ministry partners have faithfully prepared weekly food packages with nutritious staples such as beans, milk, corn and oil, plus high-nutrient supplements to restore the physical health of these kids. All 9 children also receive a monthly checkup from a local nutritionist.

Garrison has made great progress in his weight and development. His skin has returned to a normal color, he’s growing strong, and he loves to play games with his brothers and sisters.

Besides receiving nutritious food, these families—all of whom live in very humble conditions—are learning more about the love of God and His provision. Thank you for giving to the Food Ministry to help meet this critical need.

Honored to serve with you,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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