Hunger Satisfied in Laos

Some of the persecuted Christians who live in remote villages in northern Laos

Dear Friends,

Laos, a nation that borders Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, is one of the world’s few remaining communist countries. The government runs a campaign against Christians in an attempt to force them to renounce their faith. Although their preferred method of coercion is to use the “stick” (beatings and imprisonment), they have also shrewdly begun to use the “carrot” (bribes of promised food and clothing). In a land of severe shortages and economic hardship, the latter can be hard to resist.

Heaven’s Family has been able to help coworkers in Thailand smuggle rice across the border into Laos for several months now to help feed our hungry brothers and sisters in Christ who have remained faithful. This generosity from their spiritual family abroad has provided a testimony of Jesus’ love to their non-Christian neighbors and the cruel government officials (who have yet to fulfill any of their promises to the few families who took their offer). We’ve also been able to help meet their hunger for spiritual food as well.

At left, life-sustaining rice is unloaded; at right, widows who benefit from Heaven’s Family’s “lifeline”

Twice a day the Khmu Christian Connection, our friends in Thailand, send radio broadcasts to strengthen and encourage our brethren across the border in Laos. They also train Khmu leaders in their Bible college and through teaching seminars. KCC can hardly keep up with their hunger for more instruction and guidance. As one KCC leader says, “The Khmu Christians [in Laos] cry out for our team to visit them and teach them.” Even their children are hungry to know more about the Bible.

Old and young are eager to learn: Bible classes are held across the border in Thailand (left), and in remote villages (right)

Your contributions to the Persecuted Christians Fund are helping to train leaders in 300 underground churches in northern Laos. Thanks to you, a generation of Christian leaders is being fed rice for their bellies and the Word of God for their minds and hearts.

In His service with you,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Persecuted Christians Fund

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