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The Reading Plan

Chronological Study Through the New Testament

Did you know that a person with an average reading speed can read through the entire New Testament in one year, reading an average of three minutes a day, five days a week? It's true! I hope you will join me in reading through the New Testament over the next twelve months.

I've put together a special reading plan to make your daily three-minute reading even more worthwhile. With this unique reading plan, one of the four Gospels is read each quarter, while the epistles and book of Acts are read chronologically. That is, as you read through the book of Acts, you'll read each epistle at the time it was written in relationship to the book of Acts. This will help you to understand the historical context of each epistle. (You probably know that the order of the epistles in our Bibles follows Martin Luther's arrangement, from the longest epistle to the shortest. It was the epistles of James and Galatians, however, that were written first, not Romans! So those are the epistles that we'll be reading first.)

If you can spare just three more minutes each day to read no more than 700 additional words, I've written a corresponding daily email devotional, HeavenWord Daily Devotional. These are not "fluff daily devotionals." Rather, they are truth-filled "motivationals," written for true disciples of Jesus.

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