I am the First One…

06 Apr

Sita receiving her very own Bible from Heaven’s Family staff member Stephen Servant

I am the First One…

Getting Bibles into the hands of those who’ve never owned the Word of God before

Dear Friends,

Like me, you’ve probably found that one of the best ways to know God better is by reading your Bible in private. A special woman named Sita (pictured above), expressed her gratitude to Heaven’s Family—and especially to you who’ve given to the Strategic Bibles Ministry—after receiving her own Bible:

I live in a village called Wandra in North India. I was brought up in a Hindu family and our family were very devoted. Two years after my marriage, I did not know what happened to me and I was possessed with some evil spirits. I used to get angry and…was completely controlled by the spirit. My family life was very much disturbed and my husband took me to some temples and other religious places where they did some witchcraft over me. But I was going through same situation.

Later one of my relatives told my husband about the pastor who lives about 10 kilometers away from my village who pray for the people. So we went there. The Pastor shared us about Jesus and prayed over me. All the evil spirits manifested and I was completely delivered. Jesus gave me a new life. Now I and my husband believe in Jesus and started coming to the church. I really wanted to know more about Jesus who healed me and transformed my life. This was the first time we heard about this God. We feel so joy and peace in our family.

Today I got this Bible. I am very much happy to have this Bible. I am the first one who receives this Bible in my village. I am very much excited to have this gift and I will read it every day. Thank you.

Thank you for your love and compassion for Sita and others like her who do not have access to a Bible. Your gifts really are changing lives for Jesus Christ!


Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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