I Can See Clearly Now

Cleophas Makona teaching the Good News in rural Kenya

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you about a miracle.

As a little boy, John Wandwasi enjoyed normal vision. When he turned 8 years old, however, his eyes became very painful, causing tears to flow continually. John’s vision deteriorated, forcing him to drop out of school because he had so much difficulty reading and writing.

Around that same time, John’s home life was also deteriorating. John and his siblings were orphaned when their father was murdered by thugs. It wasn’t long after that John developed a reputation as the local bad boy.

In 2004, John heard a minister preaching the gospel. John surrendered his life to the Lord and his life turned completely around. The local bad boy became the local Sunday School teacher, discipling other young people. Although John’s spiritual vision grew continually sharper, his natural eyes showed no signs of improvement—yet.

Earlier this month, Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Cleophas Makona visited John’s village to preach the gospel. John attended and, after the message, asked for prayer for his eyes. His vision was immediately healed! John could see clearly for the first time since he was 8-years old!

John, now seeing clearly for the first time in 12 years

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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