Picture of a six year old javier in his mother's arms
Six-year-old Javier in his mother’s arms. The medication you provided is saving his life.


Your support helps keep this special child alive

Dear Family,

At birth, Javier was very blue and unable to breathe. He remained in a Guatemalan hospital for the first 15 days of his life and was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Now six years old, Javier has weak lungs, is malnourished, and needs many different medicines to keep him as healthy as possible. Beyond that, in January Javier’s already poor family lost everything in a devastating house fire. The family no longer had any ability to pay for his medicine, putting his life at risk.

When Javier’s mother was informed that you had helped pay for her son’s medication for the next year, gratitude overcame her. She shared that she had never lost her faith in God that He would touch someone’s heart to help her son.

Thank you for being a part of the answer to this desperate mother’s pleas to the Lord through Heaven’s Family’s Disabilities Ministry.

Signature of the Director of the Disabilities Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disabilities Ministry

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