Is Your Diet in the Dumps?

07 Dec

Is Your Diet in the Dumps?

Picture of children in Kenya eating
Mwangolo (left) and Margaret enjoying a fresh, healthy meal not scavenged from a putrid, garbage pile

Is Your Diet in the Dumps?

Providing healthy meals to families living on a Kenyan garbage dump

Dear Family,

Do you count your calories? Do you monitor your “average daily allowance,” whether it’s plenty of protein or plenty of fresh fruits and veggies?

Fresh-anything, calorie-counting, or food choices of any kind are luxuries beyond the reach of a destitute community of people that depends on a garbage dump in Mombasa, Kenya to survive. Their diets are, quite literally, in the dump.

Our partners have been called there to minister to a group of sincere moms with small children, teaching them life and vocational skills, and about Jesus. They’ve enrolled their children in school. They want these families to have a firm foundation in Jesus and, eventually, to get them off the dump.

Picture of home on the edge of a dump
Think your life is in the dumps at times? Although these homes are literally on the edge of a city dump, they are learning to keep their simple homes neat, and hope that one day they will live in a better place, no longer dependent on the refuse of others to survive.

You are helping, too. On your behalf, your gifts to the Food Ministry are providing healthy food for these impoverished moms and their children. It happens because you care. You take action in the name of Jesus.

And without the help of compassionate believers like you, can you imagine what the average daily food intake is for the moms and children living at the dump? When they’re not going hungry, they’re scavenging for food right in the dump.

Below is a short video of some children from the dump scavenging and making what was, for them, a great find—a bag of dirty, discarded candy.

Click to play video

Picture of home on the edge of a dump
A much better meal

The good news is that the love of Jesus flowing out of you is making a huge impact. The gospel is being spread on the dump. The moms in the program are making great improvements in keeping their homes tidy and more hygienic. They are learning about Jesus and His precepts for life. The moms and children are having hot, healthy meals regularly at the ministry center nearby where they come together.

You are helping real people in really bad situations. Thank you so much for helping them get their diets “out of the dumps” through your gifts to this ministry!

Honored to serve with you,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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