Ivin Goes the Extra Miles

18 Aug

Ivin Goes the Extra Miles

Josephine Kangachi and pastor Ivin Ochieng

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you another great story of how God is using bicycles to change lives.

At only 34 years of age, Josephine Kangachi contracted an acute case of both tuberculosis and malaria. To make matters worse, she lived in a rural part of Kenya, and had no means of transportation to get to the nearest hospital, which was 15 miles away. When pastor Ivin Ochieng heard about her need, however, he sat her on his bike and pushed her all the way to the hospital!

Ivin is one of the church-planting pastors in Kenya who recently received a bicycle through Heaven’s Family’s Mobilize a Minister Fund (now merged with our National Missionary Fund). He had been praying for ways to use his new bicycle to further God’s kingdom.

After Josephine was well enough to leave the hospital, Ivin returned and walked her all the way to her home on his bike. It was then that Josephine asked Ivin why he was being so kind to her. He shared the gospel and she responded. Josephine then asked Ivin to start a church in her house! Ivin told us that he was so excited…he could hardly believe the doors God was opening because of his bicycle!

Thanks so much for going the extra mile to help build God’s kingdom through your gifts to the National Missionary Fund!

Ivin with believers from one of his new house churches


Karin Trotter

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