Jeff Bounces Back

01 Sep

Image of child in Guatemala receiving formulaThank you for enabling Jeff to receive formula. He also has a sponsor who provides anti-seizure medication for him. He is loved and shown the love of Jesus.

Jeff Bounces Back

You’ve helped Guatemalan children find the right formula for health

Dear Family,

In Guatemala, many young children suffer from severe malnutrition, resulting in developmental delays and lifelong disorders.

Through your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry, babies and toddlers suffering from severe malnutrition are consistently receiving nutritious formula in two poverty-stricken villages. Many little children have benefitted from receiving formula and healthy food and are now facing a brighter future.

One such child is Jeff. Little Jeff’s family is very poor, but thanks to your help, he is now doing very well. Though he has cerebral palsy and other health struggles, the nutrition support he has received from the formula program has enabled him to bounce back quickly from illness.

Last summer, Jeff got very sick and was hospitalized for two nights. Everyone was excited to discover that when he was checked again after his recovery, he had not lost any weight! This shows how much stronger he has become thanks to the formula program.

Image of children in Guatemala being weighedEach child in the program is weighed and their progress is tracked. In this photo, Astrid Estela, age 4, is weighed. Thanks to you, she receives daily formula.

Thank you so much for touching the lives of Jeff and so many other suffering little children and their families in the name of Jesus.

Image of the director of the Food Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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