Jesus vs. Demons, 2 to 0!

Ma Xi Hu holding her Bible and Gospel Communicator
A transformed Ma Xi Hu, holding her Bible and Gospel Communicator

Jesus vs. Demons, 2 to 0!

A mother and her skeptical daughter now live free from bondage

Dear Friends,

Ma Xi Hu was born of an unreached people group and raised in the mountains of China. Brought up to worship spirits and taught superstitious practices, she knows too well the realities of living a life in darkness. Ma was a firsthand witness to demonic torment and bondage, as she watched her mother become drastically ill and occupied by evil spirits. Ma and her mother desperately searched for a cure, but no medicine, witch, or doctor had the power to deliver these women.

One day, however, Ma’s mother learned about a man named Jesus Christ. She learned that Jesus was God in the flesh and that He has authority over disease and demons. She soon gave her heart to Him. The evil spirits quickly left, and Ma’s mother began to heal. Ma watched in awe as her mother’s physical and spiritual health miraculously transformed before her eyes, but she was still skeptical—would this new light last forever?

Soon afterwards, the Unreached People Groups Ministry came into contact with Ma and her mother and, over the course of the next several years, our team made many trips to follow-up and encourage our new sister in Christ, as well as her young daughter Ma. Our team would read scriptures, share testimonies and even pray with the two women. Still, Ma refused to follow Jesus as her mother had done.

On a recent visit to their village by Timothy Yang, national missionary and partner of the UPG Ministry, he was approached by Ma, who confessed that she now believed in Jesus and wanted help in becoming His follower! Our team immediately made sure she understood the gospel and was willing to pay the price of persecution. Ma was willing, and so they prayed with her. Afterwards, Ma received a Bible and a media device loaded with biblical teachings, worship music and an audio Bible.

Another team member, Pastor Paul Fang, gave Ma an assignment as well: to read the Bible to her illiterate mother. Praise God, two prayers were answered! Ma Xi Hu finally gave it all to Jesus, and her mother is now happy to be hearing her daughter read to her the Word of God.

Prayers for and contributions to the Unreached People Groups Ministry are helping us to penetrate the barriers of the unreached, unengaged parts of the world! This is how we truly change the world—by reaching them for Jesus!

Many blessings,

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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