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July 2012 Issue

Jonah and His Fish

Orphan's Tear at Work in Myanmar

Elisabeth Walker, Orphan's Tear Ministry


The children of Beulah Children’s Home, plus a few of the orphanage director’s nieces and nephews, show off a day’s catch

Sonny Cung Luai handed in his resignation at the orphanage where he’d served for five years. The job had turned out to be much more difficult than he’d originally imagined, and he and his wife, Biak, had had enough. They moved out, and found a tiny bamboo house to rent where they could think of what to do next. Whatever it would be, it wouldn’t be taking care of orphans. “Jonah” was on the run.

Just one week later, there was a knock at Sonny and Biak’s door. Some people heard that he cared for orphans, and they had three with them. Sonny turned them away.

Not long after, two other orphans were brought to Sonny and Biak’s house. Again, Sonny sent them away. He was no longer in the orphanage business.

The third little group of orphans that were brought to their door included a newborn baby girl. Seeing her, Sonny and Biak’s resolve crumbled as they realized that they could run from God, but they couldn’t hide. So in 2008, Beulah Children’s Home was born in their tiny home.

Before long they were caring for eleven precious boys and girls. Two of their own children, Holly and Joel, soon came along as well, and the little bamboo house they rented began to burst at the seams. All of them started praying to the Lord for a larger home—one that they could own without the fear of being evicted by a landlord who didn’t want so many children living on his property.

Through multiple gifts to the Orphan’s Tear Special Projects Fund, their prayers were answered.


At left: Sonny with his wife, Biak, and their children Holly and Joel; center: fresh fish for dinner; and right: Biak helps daughter Holly to catch fish of her own

Sonny was able to purchase a house for $19,200 with $16,700 provided from Heaven’s Family, and that house included some land with a pond. The pond was in disrepair, but its shallow water held some fish. Sonny sold some of them and used the proceeds to buy fingerlings. Soon we began receiving photos from him showing Beulah children gleefully dancing with fish they caught from their very own pond!

Getting a taste of the rewards that are gained from hard work and investment, Sonny requested and received $600 from Heaven’s Family to repair the pond’s crumbling embankment. Now, with a capacity for 4,000 fingerlings, the profit potential from a fish harvest has increased significantly. Sonny hopes to soon pay off the $2,500 balance that he owes on the orphanage house. In so doing, Sonny is setting an excellent example before the other orphanages that Heaven’s Family assists in this region, an example of hard work to reach self-sufficiency.

Sonny and Biak are now enjoying God’s blessings as they obey His call on their lives. And that is the story of Jonah and the Fish!


We’d like to see all 55 of the orphanages that we help around the world become self-sufficient, especially as they struggle with inflation and the dollar’s decline. Through education, training, micro-loans and grants, we’re working to reduce—and eventually end—their reliance on outside support. You can help us work towards this goal by a gift of any amount to Orphan’s Tear Special Projects Fund or, to become involved in a specific project, click here.

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