Kicked Out by Mom

Pramila Sapkota still shining for her Savior

Dear Friends,

Five years ago, Pramila Sapkota met Jesus Christ. She accepted His offer of salvation, turning her back on the Hindu faith of her family. After becoming a Christian, her family then turned against her. Whenever Pramila wanted to go to church, her mother would hide her clothes or lock the doors to prevent her from leaving, and often hid her Bible to prevent her from reading it. Day and night, Pramila was mocked by her family for her faith in Christ.

As a final act of rejection, Pramila’s mother kicked her out of her house, demanding that she never return. When Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Timothy Rai learned of Pramila’s homeless situation, he invited her to stay with his family, providing her with much-needed food, shelter, encouragement and discipleship.

Please pray for Pramila as she seeks to reach out to her family members. Pray that her faith would remain strong. I can’t imagine my own mom hating me because of my love for Christ!

Because of Timothy’s monthly partners, he’s able to help Pramila and others in their times of need. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with a national missionary?

Blessed to be a blessing,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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