Laboring for Love

29 Aug

The water-carrying team developed quite a camaraderie during many days of exhausting delivery, as evidenced in this photo, serving others in the name of Jesus!

Laboring for Love

Our dedicated friends in Myanmar work up a thirst delivering safe water

Dear Friends,

Isn’t it ironic. Rain falling in torrents—so much rainwater that it comes up to your knees—but you can’t drink it. Purified water is desperately needed when flooding occurs, and so are clean, sturdy containers to keep the water pure while living through days and weeks of ubiquitous mud, mosquitos and misery.

The Safe Water Fund has joined with the Disaster Relief Fund to help victims of the “worst flooding in recorded history” that deluged remote western Chin State in Myanmar (Burma). The tremendous flooding has caused great destruction and rendered access roads impassable due to multiple collapses and landslides. Hundreds of homes have been buried up to their roofs in rank-smelling mud or were swept away entirely. People are struggling to meet their most basic daily needs.

Thanks to your donations to the Safe Water Fund, we supplied 200 additional 5-gallon water containers to be re-filled repeatedly with purified water for the people of several villages where our partners are working with believers. The containers are crucial to keep the purified water sanitary, preventing diarrhea and other illnesses brought on by drinking from now-contaminated local water sources.

It took 14 hours—and lots of energy—to deliver purified water to some hard-hit flood victims!

Above and below: Photos of some grateful recipients of purified water in clean (on the inside, at least!), re-usable containers

Thank you so much for your gifts to the Safe Water Fund and for being a blessing to so many in Jesus’ name!

Serving together,

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Fund

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