Lacking Cents, Not Sense

21 Jul

Lacking Cents, Not Sense

David and his mother in front of their home in Kissimu, Kenya

Dear Friends,

In Kenya you have to pass a special exam to attend high school, but despite extremely high test scores some brilliant children can’t afford high school tuition. David Barasa was one of these children. Annual high school tuition is $230, half of what his widowed mother makes in an entire year. So David believed there was no way for him to ever accomplish his goal of attending and eventually completing high school.

Through generous donors like you, however, Heaven’s Family was able to pay for David’s school tuition. But there was a problem: by the time David arrived with tuition in-hand, the school had already filled his place with another student.

Then David’s pastor stepped up to the plate to bat for him, and sent David’s excellent test scores to 3 other schools. They jumped at the opportunity to have such a smart student in their program!

David has excelled in high school since, and is looking forward to his next trimester.

Through your gifts to the Education Fund, we’re working to equip children like David both spiritually and academically for a better future.

Together in Christ,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Education Fund

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