Laying Her Burden Down

Women in Africa carrying items on heads and backs
Life in Africa can be challenging. Many cannot afford to own a car and so have learned to carry their items on their heads and backs—a task that often falls to the women, walking long distances between market and home

Laying Her Burden Down

Christ’s love can heal years of trauma

Dear Family,

I’ve just returned from another trip to Africa to visit the women and children you’ve been helping so faithfully through the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry. During trips like this, I usually have difficulty putting my camera down. Unforgettable scenes of hardship and poverty reach through my lens to claw at my heart. I often marvel at how the women can expertly balance burdens—some large and heavy—on their heads and backs, while traversing long distances by foot. The struggle to survive is etched on faces, evidence of inner heartache.

Most of us bear a burden of some kind, but a person who has been raped carries this image of trauma like a heavy, unshakeable ball and chain. Each difficult step repeatedly rubs the old wound raw. Only God can replace memories with the Truth that sets hearts free!

In Uganda I met a young girl named Nora. She suffered much abuse at the hands of her father and another man. The healing process is slow (as is often the case), but Nora has begun to blossom as she continues to live in a safe and stable environment where she receives an education, eats a healthy diet and, most importantly, where she is learning about Jesus and His love for her. There are no shortcuts to healing for girls like Nora, but God’s Word will not return void! Each day as Nora continues to receive love and care, she learns to trust Jesus more and more…until one day she will be able to lay her burden down at the foot of the cross.

Picture of Nora in classroom in Africa
At left, the “old” Nora, weighed down by many sad memories; At right, Just look at her now! This is Nora, sitting in class—the effects of a stable and loving environment can be seen in that smile!

But Christ can bring healing through each difficult step by replacing the wounds with His truth that sets hearts free! Thank you for your compassionate heart, which makes healing possible for many girls like Nora in some of the most impoverished countries on earth.

Together for the “least of these,”

Director of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Patty Forney
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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  • Grace Lane

    The women”s group at my church, will be sending a donation to buy a sewing machine.

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