Picture of Christians who have received COVID relief
Though Marlyn is now home in heaven, her legacy lives on in her congregation

Legacy Impact

Through urgent COVID relief, you’ve helped break through to unreached families

Dear Family,

Marlyn lived most of her life in a garbage dump community. Many who live there pick through the trash to find anything that can be recycled. Marlyn was a leader of a church plant in her community. When Marlyn lost her life to COVID-19, her church began to dwindle in numbers due to discouragement. With only four people left, the congregation began contemplating shutting the church down.

Desperate, they prayed and asked God for help. Through Heaven’s Family’s Unreached People Groups Ministry you helped answer their prayers by providing food relief to distribute throughout the garbage dump community.

Through their fearless distribution of food at such a perilous time, and in the face of risk, God used them to prevent starvation for 70 families. Because they boldly proclaimed the gospel, 20 families came to know the Lord. God used this to revive their dying church.

Even though she is gone, both the food distribution and the church now operate in Marlyn’s home. Seventy families receive food packets every month. Our partner, Pastor Rey, is actively evangelizing the lost and discipling the new Christians in the garbage dump community through regular personal visits. Many of those who left the church because of discouragement are beginning to come back because hope is being restored!

You have helped reach the poorest of the poor in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, and China since the onset of the global pandemic. The food relief has opened the door for the gospel in some very desperate places. Thank you!

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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