Let me kiss your hands!

27 Oct

Let me kiss your hands!

Alyia is rejoicing in her new wheelchair (faces have been blurred for their protection)

Dear Friends,

When your life is in real danger, you flee as fast as you can with your family and loved ones, leaving everything else behind. That’s what Alyia (not her real name) and her family did when the persecution against Christians, currently taking place in Iraq from ISIS, came to their village.

Due to Alyia’s frail, aged condition, however, she had to be carried.

Alyia and her family eventually reached the moderately safe city of Irbil. Through the kindness and compassion of believers in that city, they found refuge in a church’s basement along with other fleeing families.

Limited in mobility, Alyia was confined to a small space in the basement her family temporarily calls home. After weeks of confinement and unable to move around on her own, Alyia became depressed and felt she was only a burden to her family.

In the midst of Alyia’s trial, however, her spiritual family met her need. Because of your compassion for our suffering family in Iraq, we were able purchase a wheelchair for this precious sister whom Jesus loves. She is so grateful for her new chair! I recently received the following testimony from our contact in Iraq:

An old lady in her seventies, unable to mobilize and could not afford a wheelchair, it was so difficult for her family to care for her for several reasons. When we delivered the wheelchair to her and had a chance to see her, one request she had for our team and that was “Let me kiss your hands, please”. This much she appreciated the gift, she was so happy and her family too that they wanted a group photo, attached herewith for your prayers.

Thank you for your love for this family and many others like them.


Becky Servant
Director, Christian Refugees Fund

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