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Dear Friends,

I wanted to inform you of some members of our spiritual family who have been recently helped through the Critical Medical Needs Fund.

First, there is a little girl named Irasema in Mexico who has dramatically benefitted from your gifts to the Critical Medical Needs Fund. Her story is highlighted in our June magazine, so I won’t give away the details here. But you will be very blessed reading her story, knowing that you helped make her miracle happen.

We’ve also been helping with the medical bills of the director of Jehovah-Jireh Children’s Home, an orphanage that we assist each month in Myanmar. That director’s name is Zir Liana. He was at death’s door with some serious heart and lung problems, but now is hopefully on the road to recovery. I can’t explain to you exactly what his medical problems are, as his wife and the one other person with whom we’ve been corresponding don’t know the English words to describe his sickness. But Zir was in desperate need of more sophisticated medical help than he could obtain in his small city, so we sent him to a major city in Myanmar, and it appears that he is now receiving much better treatment. (I have detailed copies of all his medical bills from the hospital.) The prognosis is still uncertain, so please pray for Zir Liana. Lots of children depend on him.

Through gifts to the CMN Fund, we’ve also been providing restorative surgery for a pastor’s son and worship leader named Moses in Kibwezi, Kenya. Moses was hurt in an accident when a bus in which he was a passenger was hit head-on by a truck. One of Moses’ legs was broken in two places. His jaw was also broken and he lost five of his front teeth. He endured three operations on his face, receiving implants, as well as one operation on his hip and another on his leg. The family spent everything they had in the process, and Moses was still without his front teeth, which has made speaking difficult and leading worship embarrassingly impossible.

Moses Mumo Zir Liana

We got Moses to smile for a “before” photo above. I hope to send you the “after” photo once he has his new dental bridges. He’ll then be able to lead his father’s congregation in worship once again.

These three cases are just a sample of members of our spiritual family with critical medical needs whom we’ve been able to help over the past few months. So once again, thanks so much. I’ll try to keep you periodically informed by mini updates of how the Critical Medical Needs Fund is working around the world.

Sincerely in Christ,

David Servant
Heaven’s Family Director

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  • moses mumo

    Above is my photo and i am really grateful to be a beneficiary of the heavens family.I was involved in a greasy road accident where i survived with double fracture on my right foot tibia,dislocation of the hip-joint on my left foot, multiple fracture’s on my face and i lost five teeth.My parents exhausted all there accounts in my treatment such that i was to remain without teeth.I was introduced to heavens family by pastor Chuck King who was on a mission of ministering to us through bring new technology of clean water through bio-sand filters.heavens family touched my life and through them i can now afford a handsome smile.Thank you heavens family my God bless you for all you did for me and our family.I can now sing in the praise and worship again.glory be to God

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