Life Orphanage


Today we received the following email from the director of Life Orphanage in Myanmar (pictured above with the children in his orphanage):

Dear Sis Charity
Greeting you in Jesus name.
I hope you are keeping well.

We at Life Orphanage are also keeping well by the sake of your praying and helping. Sis Charity I beg your pardon for informing about our hardship livelihood now and then. It is because there’s nothing I can do except informing you all our livelihood hardship. And it is because we only depend on you in all our livelihood our house-rent for Feb, Mar-08 is not also paid up to today. More over I hope you can see we are monthly in debt for our daily livelihood. We only depend on you and our gracious Lord God. We are praying for you and your family.

Thanks you so much.

A few sponsors had to drop their sponsorship of Life Orphanage children for various reasons, and now only 10 of their 21 children are sponsored. So they are in need of more sponsors so we can increase their monthly “livelihood!” If you want to help Life Orphanage, go to, choose “Myanmar,” and then if you go to the last page you will see some of the Life Orphanage kids that are awaiting sponsorship.

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