Light in Darkness

Image of a girl rescued out of trafficking in MyanmarThis girl’s smile represents the new life you have helped so many girls find!

Light in Darkness

A young girl escapes a hopeless life

Dear Family,

Life in Myanmar was difficult for Ei Zin. Her parents divorced when she was 16, and her mother’s severe heart condition resulted in insurmountable debt from medical bills. Ei Zin found herself financially responsible for her mother and herself, so she began working in a factory where she could earn just enough money for food and rent.

After Myanmar’s military coup in February 2021, most factories closed, including the one where Ei Zin worked. Furious that her daughter had lost her job, Ei Zin’s mother demanded that she find work no matter what the cost. Scared and confused, Ei Zin decided that to support her mother, she would work in a Karaoke TV bar. She would sell herself for her mother’s survival.

At 19, the darkness blanketing Ei Zin’s life became even darker when one of her customers purchased her from the bar manager. This older, married man paid her to “service” him and his friends. Though Ei Zin wanted to run away, she didn’t know where to go—until she found out about our partner’s day center and live-in shelter.

Ei Zin came to the drop-in center every day, and within a few weeks she asked if she could move into the shelter as she wanted to leave her life of darkness for good! Welcomed with open arms by our local partners, she said she had never felt such love and acceptance. Ei Zin has blossomed and has learned that she is gifted in marketing!

Image of rescued girl workingEi Zin putting her newfound skills to work

Thank you for helping provide a place of safety for girls like Ei Zin through Heaven’s Family Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry. You are changing lives!

Image of the directors of the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

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