Little Loise is Fed and Fit

23 Jul

Little Loise is Fed and Fit

Picture of Loise with swollen belly.
Loise was malnourished when she first started the program, though it’s difficult to see her swollen belly beneath her dress.

Little Loise is Fed and Fit

How your gifts rescue young children from malnutrition

Dear Family,

Little Loise from Kenya has suffered much hardship in her young life. She was born with HIV/AIDS and became an orphan when both her parents died of the disease. She was taken in by her elderly grandmother, who was poverty-stricken and unable to work much. Because she struggled to feed Loise regularly, this beautiful little girl went hungry. Their situation was desperate, and Loise could easily have died from the combination of HIV and malnutrition.

Loise was brought to our ministry partner and entered a malnutrition program sponsored by Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry. She began to receive weekly special food assistance designed to sustain her health and make her strong. Since then, she has achieved important developmental milestones, despite her HIV-positive status. Besides receiving food assistance, Loise is also learning about Jesus and knows she has a Father in heaven who loves her.

Picture of Loise three years later.
Loise three years later, healthy and strong after receiving proper nutrition!

Thank you for your generous gifts. You are saving and changing lives like Loise’s every day!

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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