Loom for Ngun

Ngun standing in front of loom
Ngun Ngen Tial proudly standing with her new loom.

In the February issue of Heaven’s Family’s magazine, you may remember reading about Ngun Ngen Tial and her sister.

Ngun struggles with hearing problems—perhaps due to malnutrition she suffered before she came to El Shaddai Orphanage in Myanmar—making it difficult for her to learn in school. Without a good education, Ngun would have trouble finding work as an adult. Ngun was very interested in learning how to weave, thus Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund purchased a loom for Ngun to learn this valuable skill. Her weaving abilities are growing quickly, and she loves making fabric. When she is old enough to leave the orphanage in a few years, she will be able to support herself. The director of El Shaddai recently sent us this report:

Thank you so much for I received the loaves [a code word for money] of the loom for Ngun Ngen Tial. We bought the loom and now we already fit. She making now. Here is the photos of Ngun Ngen Tial and her loom. She very excited to make [things with] her loom….

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

P.S. If you missed the article featuring Ngun Ngen Tial in the February issue of Heaven’s Family’s magazine, you can view it online by clicking here.

Working on her new loom
Ngun is now using her God-given talent to make beautiful weavings

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