Lourdis Carries On [Mexico Trip]

09 Jul

Lourdis Carries On [Mexico Trip]


Widow Lourdis Ortega Morales with two of her four children, Joselin and Jonatan, in front of their home

Today I visited widow Lourdis Ortega Morales in her little home that she rents for $40 a month. Her husband died in April, leaving her with their four children. I learned that Lourdis is the daughter of another widow—Maria Morales—whom we wrote about in last October’s issue of our magazine (see www.heavensfamily.org/special_reports/2011-10/leonardos-ultimate-healing). Years ago, the Lord used Maria and her husband, Leonardo, to plant many churches in the villages of Mexico’s Sierra Norte Mountains. Leonardo died last year, so Lourdis lost her father and her husband in the space of six months. She is still making payments on her husband’s coffin, and owes $180.

Through our missionary partners Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick, Lourdis has benefitted from Heaven’s Family’s Food Fund each month. She does have a small business growing ornamental plants on the land around her little house, but she doesn’t earn much. Her oldest son, age 19, also works to help support the family when work can be found.

As I sat and listened to Lourdis’ story sitting in her dirt-floored kitchen, I was glad that I could offer some help. Heaven’s Family will be paying off the debt on her husband’s coffin. And we’re going to help her relocate to her mother’s land and thus eliminate her monthly rent payment of $40. We also hope to offer her a small loan to expand her little business once she’s relocated. It is amazing how a few hundred dollars can make such a difference for a poor widow and her family.


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