Love In Action

Rachel and Cleophas, her micro-banker, in front of her restaurant.

Love In Action

Believers come together and provide for an ill businesswoman

Dear Friends,

While on our latest trip to Saboti, Kenya we visited with Cleophas (a Heaven’s Family micro-banker) who introduced us to Rachel—a new borrower of his micro-bank. This amazing woman owns a small restaurant where she sells tea and baked goods. During our visit Rachel confided in us how she had been very ill for two months and needed medical attention. Her illness made her weak and running her business became incredibly difficult—and her rude landlord didn’t make things any easier.

But thankfully, being a part of a Heaven’s Family micro-bank not only means you will be blessed with financial opportunities to expand your business and support your family, but also that you will become a member of a God’s Love Group—a support system designed by the Micro-Loan Ministry for borrowers to meet on a regular basis and hold each other accountable, both financially and spiritually.

So when the members of Rachel’s group heard about her health problems, although by no means obligated, they came together and collectively contributed 6,000 Kenyan Shillings to Rachel’s medical bills—as well as providing the extra income she needed to get back on her feet! Through the support of her God’s Love Group, Rachel’s health has dramatically improved—and she was also able to rent a brand new building from a different, much kinder landlord!

Rachel standing against a wall of the new, nearly completed building!

We are happy to report that this selfless act of generosity—as shown by Rachel’s group—isn’t a rare occurrence, as other God’s Love Groups have continually supported and encouraged one another. This organic compassion and genuine love between borrowers—whose lives have not always been so fortunate—is a beautiful and breathtaking reminder of the provision that can be given by the body of Christ for the “least of these.”

God’s richest blessings,

Isaac Shepherd
Micro-Loan Ministry

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