Marcos Receives His Sight

Dear Friends,

When I was in the Dominican Republic last month, a pressing medical need of an elderly Christian man was brought to my attention. $400 could save him from going totally blind. I could not resist meeting that need with funds from the Critical Medical Needs Fund. Recently I received a good report from our primary representative in the Dominican Republic regarding the result of our help. Since you had a part in making it happen, I thought you would enjoy reading the brief report below:

His name is Marcos Almonte Nuñez. This neighbor of ours was practically starving next door to us. His home was in a really bad shape and his sight was practically gone. We began to help him in December of 2008 by fixing his roof. Then we painted his home and fixed his back door which was rotted and windows in the back which were in the same condition.

One of our elders, Aneudy Casilla, took Marcos to the eye doctor and the need was urgent. He had a growth that was affecting his sight in the left eye and it irritated him to such an extent that he would call to me crying, asking me to do something. But his problem required precise laser surgery. I was able to get it done for only $75.

The other eye, however, had lost complete light color recognition, which means that he was legally blind in that eye. The cataract had completely covered his eye and the physician said that the surgery must be done as soon as possible so as to save his vision. Thanks to your offering the surgery was a total success this past Tuesday. and I have here on my desk the actual cataract that looks like a small cornflake which had covered his eye. It measured 6.0 millimeters in diameter.

Marcos is so grateful that he can share this new eyesight with all of us and now he is getting a new chance to learn how to read the Word.

Marcos Almonte Nuñez, happy to regain his sight

On Marcos’ behalf, thanks so much for making his miracle possible.

Sincerely in Christ,

David Servant

Heaven’s Family Director

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