Marvelous Revelations

27 Jul

Former Imam now shares the gospel

Marvelous Revelations

Believers rejoice at hearing God in their own language


“l have come to understand God much better as I read this Bible. My life has really changed.” Those are the words of Dickson Nairowua, just one of the believers in Kenya who has been impacted by the Strategic Bibles Ministry.

Beatrice Nkume said, “l receive marvelous revelations by reading this Bible. Salvation becomes more clear to me.”

And then there’s the testimony of a former Muslim Imam, who came to Christ and eagerly began sharing the gospel with his whole family. Though a young believer, he has been doing his best at living a life of example. As a result of his changed life, his mother has also given her heart to Jesus and wants to be baptized. She received a new Bible from Heaven’s Family as well.

I’m also very excited about the new Bible distributions we are making among the Maasai tribe. One of their pastors, Joseph Tarkash, reports that the members of his church are now hungrily diving into the Word, desperately waiting to hear from God in their native tongue!

The women of Pastor Joseph’s congregation, overjoyed to have their own Maasai Bibles!

Thanks so much for providing these and many more Bibles to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Kenya. You have a part in furthering the kingdom of God!

For His glory,

Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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