Mary at sewing school

Mary struggled to keep up with the rest of her classmates. The reason why, it was later discovered, was because she has several learning disabilities that meant she would never be able to graduate from high school.

Mary struggled in other ways, too. Her father died when she was just a little girl, and Mary’s mother was too poor to care for her daughter alone. She soon abandoned Mary at Anna’s Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar.

It was here that Mary’s talents were recognized. She was very good at sewing. So good, in fact, that the director of Anna’s Orphanage asked Orphan’s Tear for help sending Mary to sewing school, where she could maximize her talents.

Now, Mary is excelling at her sewing class, and she’s learning a trade that she can use to support herself when she is older!

Don’t you just love being a part of stories like this? I sure do!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear


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  • Nancy Johnsen

    thank you so much for that encouraging story! This young woman’s talents were recognized and she is developing those talents. Having a purpose in life, feeling that what you do matters gives you hope. She has been given hope. I will keep her in my prayers for continued encouragement in her gifts.

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