Mercy in the Rain

Picture of a believer in Pakistan receiving relief goods
Williams (name changed and face blocked for security reasons) offering urgent relief to persecuted believers, thanks to you!

Mercy in the Rain

You’ve helped meet the pressing needs of persecuted believers in Pakistan

Dear Family,

Brother Williams is a bold witness for Jesus. In the face of potential martyrdom, Williams broadcasts the gospel throughout Pakistan via radio, TV, and the internet. The risks are very real—in fact, Williams was forced to decentralize his operations a few years back when his communications offices were firebombed.

Williams’s heart breaks for his fellow persecuted brethren. Every month, he operates seven medical transport vans in Christian areas that are often denied medical service by the government’s ambulances.

But because of the COVID-19 crisis, which was only magnified further by torrential flooding, Williams’s light has shined especially brightly in the darkness. Because of your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Persecuted Christians Ministry, he and his team were able to safely evacuate large numbers of impoverished Christians and Muslims (whose hearts were softened by the compassion they received), set up makeshift tents, and feed those who were displaced.

Thank you for remembering our persecuted family in their time of need!

David Promise
Director, Persecuted Christians Ministry

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