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Micro-Loan Ministry - Stories

The Unemployable Employer

Samwell Juma is a smart, young Kenyan man who had run out of options. After graduating from a local college with a degree in computer technology, Samwell applied and interviewed everywhere he could think of, but no one wanted to hire him. As smart as Samwell was, potential employers had misgivings during interviews. Samwell was becoming desperate. He had a wife and baby boy to support. Continue Reading...

Thirteen Upgraded Bachelors

There was a saying among the neighboring villages: "Don't marry a man from Satawm—or you'll be carrying water the rest of your life." That's because Satawm's residents, all slash-and-burn subsistence farmers, were never assisted by any international development organizations—as were residents of many neighboring villages—with funding for water reservoirs and piping to bring water to their village. From Satawm's founding in 1860, wives had been carrying water up steep mountain slopes for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing, day after day. It was enough to incline eligible bachelorettes in the region to dodge the eyes of Satawm's bachelors. Continue Reading...

A Bubbling Business

Take one discarded beer keg, a motor from an old washing machine, a cylinder of compressed CO2 gas, a little ingenuity, and lots of used plastic soda bottles. Put them all together and what do you get? A small soft drink business that provides much-needed income for the impoverished members of a small, rural church in communist Cuba. Continue Reading...

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