Disabilities Ministry

As of July 2023, Heaven’s Family’s Disabilities Ministry has merged with our Critical Medical Needs Ministry.

Who We Help

Did you know that there are millions of people who are disabled in the world? Those who live in developing nations often do not have the benefit of any social services to make their lives a little more bearable. Worse, they are sometimes considered cursed by God, and are shunned by family and society. Begging is their only means of survival. Many live in filth and are malnourished. Tragically, some see suicide as their only escape.

Through the work of Heaven’s Family, a growing number of formerly-hopeless persons who are disabled are learning that God loves them. If they turn to Christ, they experience His power to change their lives. They also discover a community that cares for them—brothers and sisters in Christ from a local church who love, accept, and disciple them.

Witness the remarkable transition as a disabled Christian in Burundi, Africa goes from beggar to businessman

How We Help

The Disabilities Ministry was created to help these special spiritual family members of ours become more self-sufficient. We support persons who are disabled in two ways:

We meet their immediate needs:

  • by providing artificial limbs, wheel chairs, crutches and medical expenses
  • by offering grants to supply pressing needs such as education, food or a few months’ rent

We help them become self-sufficient:

  • by encouraging them to start businesses, and then helping with training and developing business strategies
  • by providing them with low-interest loans overseen by their local pastor

6-year-old Enoch (pictured above) received improper treatment for cerebral malaria when he was just 3 months old. Only recently has Enoch learned to walk with the help of leg braces and physical therapy sponsored through the Disabilities Ministry

The Impact

The Disabilities Ministry is currently making a difference in eight nations. We’ve helped disabled believers start general stores, bicycle-taxi services, shoe repair shops and more, often for less than $500. We usually have a waiting list of Christians who are disabled who are hoping that God will provide the means to help them start sustainable small businesses.

We’ve been happy to learn that when these Christian businessmen and women prosper, they almost always give generously to spreading the gospel and empowering others to also become self-sufficient.

A hand-powered tricycle can mobilize a polio victim who otherwise would have to crawl.

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