Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Disabilities Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

16 Dec

Skills for Life

You may recall that a few months ago we told you about Deborah Kalulu from Mombasa, Kenya. Deborah was born with spina-bifida, a disability that requires her to use forearm crutches and leg braces to get around. But these mobility issues have not deterred her in the least from her aspirations to become financially independent so that she can support her family.

01 Oct

Meet Mutebi…

"My heart wrenched within me...and I knew we had to do something." With those words Heaven's Family staff member Jeff Trotter reported what he witnessed on his recent trip to Uganda. "Lying on the floor, little Mutebi's head protruded sideways from a thin curtain that divided his 8' by 8' mud-floored home. His clothing and mattress were soiled with his own excrement, but there was no one else at home. That, I learned later, was a typical day for Mutebi."

14 May

Upwards to Thulo Sirubari [Jeff’s 3rd Blog from Nepal]

Up, up, up we drove from Kathmandu, winding along steep mountain roads around countless switchback curves—none of which had guard rails—to visit more villages impacted by the earthquake in Nepal. My ears popped many times as the air pressure changed, but I enjoyed the cool, fresh mountain air (except for the many times we got temporarily stuck behind slow-moving trucks or buses belching out black diesel fumes!). I also enjoyed the spectacular views across verdant valleys to the blue-hued mountains in the distance. Words—and even photos—are insufficient to describe the breathtaking beauty.

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