Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Disabilities Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Mar

Christians with Disabilities Fund

Cursed is a label often branded on disabled children and adults in poor nations. Perhaps even more tragic, it is a label often believed by those with disabilities. Their pain is amplified by cultural ignorance. In India, for example, Hinduism teaches that disabled people are receiving what they deserve for sins committed in a former life. Thus, to do anything to relieve their sufferings only prolongs their "just" misery.

05 Dec

God’s Grace in Gaza

I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent armed conflict between Israel and Gaza. As is often the case, innocents are either caught in the crossfire or neglected due to strained resources or the evacuation of aid workers. Happily, Heaven’s Family has found a partner currently working among the needy in Gaza, and we’re funding two of their aid workers for a year to help those like “Mohammed,” an 11-year-old boy who has been partially paralyzed since birth.

16 Sep

Breathing the Air of Heaven

Emiliano Esquivel worked hard in the fields in rural Mexico, but the 83-year-old barely made enough money to feed himself. Despite his poverty, he enjoyed the fresh air and smells of the earth each day. Tragically, one day he fell, breaking both an arm and a leg. Because of his age, doctors advised him to try to heal naturally, believing that an operation would be too risky.

28 Jul

God’s Compass

One of the red roofs that God showed Caroline in a dream Dear Friends, Caroline Imala sat on the floor weeping and praying that God would provide someone to help her 7-year-old daughter Lizzy, whose disability has caused her to be non-verbal and unresponsive. The […]

23 Apr

Dignity is Spelled H-E-S-H-I-M-A

Celestine, a Heaven’s Family-sponsored child at Heshima Dear Friends, A few months ago I shared a story about adult believers with physical disabilities who overcame numerous obstacles to become successful employees, business owners and entrepreneurs. But for many disabled children around the world, such obstacles […]

29 Jan


A polio-inflicted believer who received a small welding machine from HF and turned it into a successful 5-man shop Dear Friends, Every month Heaven’s Family empowers people with disabilities by providing mobility and employment that they would not have access to otherwise. I love to […]