Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Disabilities Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

29 Jan


A polio-inflicted believer who received a small welding machine from HF and turned it into a successful 5-man shop Dear Friends, Every month Heaven’s Family empowers people with disabilities by providing mobility and employment that they would not have access to otherwise. I love to […]

01 Oct

The Fight of His Life

Kumar Lama was handed a gun at age 13, when he was forcibly conscripted into an army of Maoist rebels in his home country of Nepal. His communist captors trained him to fight and kill as they sought to overthrow Nepal's long-standing monarchy. When peace finally came to Nepal in 2006, at least 12,000 people had perished in the violence. Kumar's life was spared, and he returned to civilian life, finding work as a carpenter and eventually marrying a girl named Maya Tamang. She gave him a beautiful daughter whom they named Sajina. With his dark past behind him, Kumar looked forward to a brighter future with his young family.

22 Jun

Blind Faith

  A church I visited last month in India whose members are all blind Dear Friends, The small Indian congregation in the photos above consists entirely of blind believers. They not only face the challenge of their common disability and the cultural prejudices that accompany […]

01 May

Respite for Rispah

  Rispah Olesi with her crutches and leg brace in February Dear Friends, Rispah Olesi is from Meseno, Kenya. She was born with polio. The metal brace she must wear on her leg makes it possible for her to walk, but with great difficulty. Worse, […]

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