Disciple Multiplication Ministry

The Need for Discipleship

Among the world’s poor, pastors and church leaders generally have little access to solid Biblical teaching material in their mother tongue or national language. The Christian literature that is sometimes available is usually that of money-making books that had a large western appeal but are lacking in scriptural content. One of their greatest needs is to be better equipped for ministry through biblical teaching.

Equipping the Disciple-Makers

The ministry of Heaven’s Family began with a focus on training Christian leaders by means of leadership conferences conducted around the world by David Servant. David rarely has time to devote to teaching at such conferences today. His teaching ministry, however, is being multiplied through the translation and distribution of a 500-page training manual he wrote for Christian leaders in the developing nations of the world titled The Disciple-Making Minister. More than 150,000 copies of this valuable tool have been distributed—and thousands of readers have read the discipleship resources on our websites—in 32 languages!

Sadly, many Christian leaders in poor countries are being seduced by unbalanced and misleading television preachers who broadcast internationally. Those Christian leaders subsequently become the proverbial “blind leading the blind,” to borrow Jesus’ expression. The Disciple-Making Minister helps Christian leaders to reclaim their biblical calling to make disciples who obey all of Jesus’ commandments. Its 500 pages cover many topics relevant to Christian ministry.

Pictured above is a Kirundi-speaking Christian happy to be better equipped for ministry with her new 484-page Kirundi copy of The Disciple-Making Minister

Where We’re Working

It becomes more evident every month that the most cost-effective way that Heaven’s Family can strengthen the church is by putting our 500-page equipping manual, The Disciple-Making Minister, into the hands of pastors all over the world. Those pastors start a chain reaction that cannot be stopped. We now have a number of pastors in Africa, Asia and Latin America who have been given a burden to equip other pastors, and they’re using The Disciple-Making Minister as a tool to help them accomplish that task.

We are now in the time of a great harvest in China and every week I am seeing hundreds saved and baptized in water. Churches are growing very fast, but there is a great need for training the leaders…This book is starting to make an impact on China. I hope later on we can print many hundreds of thousands for every part of China. – Hong Kong Pastor Dennis Balcombe (he has distributed tens of thousands of copies of the Chinese version to underground church leaders across China)

The Disciple-Making Minister is empowering pastors and church leaders all over the world in 32 different languages.

How You Can Help

Your gift will help get vital disciple-making resources into the hands of impoverished pastors, teachers and missionaries.

A gift of $35 can provide up to 10 copies of The Disciple-Making Minister to equip pastors in making disciples

A gift of $350 can provide up to 100 copies of The Disciple-Making Minister to equip pastors in making disciples

A gift of $2,000 can help provide an entire new translation of The Disciple-Making Minister to equip pastors

Or invest any amount to provide discipleship materials for Christians worldwide


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