Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Education Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

23 May

Hated to Hero

As Netra Sharma left the prison for a second time, the police gave him permission to stay in their town on 3 conditions: (1) He doesn't preach the gospel; (2) He doesn't use any public well; and (3) He doesn't speak to anyone in public. Netra's crime: preaching the gospel. A police investigation proved that, but the Hindu radicals in Harinchara, India, wanted to silence him—and they controlled the police.

01 May

Saving Stewart

Stewart Ssegawa is an 11-year-old Ugandan boy who needs some love. Stewart's father is dead, and his mother, who must support him and his 3 siblings, can barely afford to feed them. She tries her best, earning a pauper's income selling tomatoes and onions. But having enough money to send her children to school—to give them a chance at escaping a cycle of generational poverty—has been far beyond her dreams.

29 Sep

Will Work for Education

Can you imagine having to open a private school in your area because the government refuses to do so, only to discover that fewer than 15% of your students can afford tuition? This is the reality for many Christian schools we encounter in the slums of developing nations. But the kindhearted, Christ-like teachers who labor under these conditions cannot bring themselves to refuse these poor children an education.

21 Jul

Lacking Cents, Not Sense

David and his mother in front of their home in Kissimu, Kenya Dear Friends, In Kenya you have to pass a special exam to attend high school, but despite extremely high test scores some brilliant children can’t afford high school tuition. David Barasa was one […]