Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Education Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

27 Jun

Nancy’s Miracle Machine

Nancy (second from left), her grandmother and two other friends holding the material we bought for her sewing machine Dear Friends, Isn’t it amazing how the simplest thing to us can be a life-changing miracle for others? One of those happened a few months ago […]

01 May

David Servant takes you inside an indescribable Kenyan slum…

It's difficult to describe Nairobi's Mathare slum, because there is nothing to which it can be compared where you and I live. But try to imagine 500,000 people crammed into a hillside community of tens of thousands of tiny shacks clad with rusted pieces of corrugated metal. They are akin to structures where you might store old tires that you would never plan on using again. Imagine just a few water pumps and public outhouses to serve all those people. Imagine the stench of open sewage and rotting garbage permeating the air. That's Mathare.

11 Mar

Learning in a Steel Oven

Children in one of the iron classrooms in Saboti, Kenya Dear Friends, As the midday African sun beats mercilessly down on the galvanized metal roofing sheets of the school—in which over a hundred children are eagerly trying to learn—it becomes like an oven. They brave […]

16 Dec

Blind School Blessing

Abigael Chemtai at the Kapenguria School for the Blind. Dear Friends, God takes even the worst of circumstances and changes them to orchestrate good and bring lives into His kingdom. That is exactly what happened with Maria Nekesa, now age 7, who is a dear […]

01 Oct

Letter from a 6th-Grade Graduate

Besides food, the one thing that impoverished people around the world desire for their children is an education. They know that education is their children's only hope to escape the cycle of poverty. In many developing nations, however, public education is not free. Consequently, we receive many requests for tuition assistance.

01 Apr

Opportunity from Heaven

Opportunities. More than anything else, that is what the poor around the world lack. An opportunity to gain a valuable education, a marketable skill, employment, tools for a trade, or a loan to start a business can make the difference between poverty and prosperity. That is why Heaven's Family works to provide, through our numerous focused funds, various opportunities to the "least of these" among Christ's followers. Opportunities give the poor a chance to help themselves through their own efforts.