Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Farming God’s Way Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Image of farmer with harvest

You Made a Millionaire… in Francs

I thank God for you! I am bubbling with joy as I share a testimony of another life you have changed. Your choice to help Emmanuel develop hasn’t just changed his own life, though. It is also going to change many others.

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Image of Farming God's Way trainer in Zimbabwe

Satisfying the Greater Hunger

Thanks to your partnership with Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way Ministry, our Summit meeting brought all our East Africa FGW trainers together. Our goal was to train them in disciple-multiplication tools. I received this report from Oni in Zimbabwe:

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Image of discipleship training in Zimbabwe

To God be the Glory!

This trip was easily the most complicated trip I've ever booked, with wild price swings and vanishing flights. Also, during the month leading up to this trip, my wife suffered a severe ankle sprain. Her foot continued to swell for a week. It turned out that she had a blood clot in her ankle, which meant many trips back and forth to the hospital. Then 8 days before I left, she tested positive for Covid-19. Pulling double duty at home, trying to prepare for this trip, and trying to maintain a godly attitude all while sleeping on the couch was difficult to say the least. But it was a good reminder that, as the Christian rapper Sevin says, "This faith walk ain’t no cake walk.”

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Image of farmers from Zimbabwe

A Vision Fulfilled

My name is Sibaomana Christophe. I have a wife and three children. We live near Peter's Farming God's Way model farm. After seeing FGW practiced, I got excited and asked for more information. Peter invited me to Karama (in south Rwanda) for the "Come and See" field day program and FGW training. After spending two days with the team in the south, I came back with a good vision for what my farm could look like.

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