Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, but also for forced labor or organ harvesting. Victims may be kidnapped, coerced, sold by their parents, or lured by false promises, to be held against their wills and exploited.

Most victims are young girls—usually between 12 and 14—kidnapped and sold to work as sex slaves in a $30-billion underground industry that hides in the dark corners of more than 160 nations. It is possible that girls from your hometown have been victimized. Girls are controlled through emotional and physical abuse, drugs, and pressure to provide financially for siblings and parents in poverty-stricken villages.

Human trafficking is a worldwide social plague, every victim is an individual who is loved by God. We believe that God does not want us to ignore them.

What are We Doing to Stop Human Trafficking?

We are working to provide prevention, freedom, salvation and new lives for trafficked young girls and women.

Since many girls are sold or leave their families due to economic pressure and culturally-accepted obligations to support siblings and aging parents, we form strategic partnerships with indigenous ministries that serve in Southeast Asian villages to:

Educate at-risk children and families about the realities of the sex industry, including the abuse, loss of dignity, and increased risk of disease and death that awaits those who enter this lifestyle.

Promote economic development in supply communities, helping families provide more effectively for their own needs and reducing the incentive to sell daughters into sex slavery.

Preach the gospel, the only real power that is capable of breaking centuries-old thinking and destructive cultural practices.

What are We Doing to Stop Sexual Slavery?

Moreover, we seek to help those already trapped in sexual slavery. We partner with effective urban ministries to:

Reach out to girls where they work, whether in beer gardens, karaoke bars, massage parlors or brothels, to develop relationships built on love and trust, hoping to win them to Jesus and convince them that they can safely leave their exploitive jobs.

Establish need-based safe-havens, such as beauty salons and health clinics that attract trafficked girls with free or low-cost services where they can be exposed to the love of Jesus through caring staff.

Train those women who wish to escape with marketable skills so they can earn an income to free them from their dependence on survival through selling their bodies.

We are currently reaching out to help victims and prevent the trafficking and slavery of others in Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico and the Philippines. We’re also touching lives in Myanmar, India and Latvia in Eastern Europe as we fulfill our calling to bring Jesus’ conquering love against this great evil. We partner with excellent ministries on the front lines of this battle, and also work to rescue other lives in the balance where few if any efforts are being made.

Pictured above: "Sinak" (not her real name) a rescued woman now practicing her new cosmetology skills with a client. For security reasons we can't show her face.

How You Can Help

Your gift will help prevent children from being trafficked, help rescue young women trapped in the sex industry, and help victims start new lives.

A gift of $50 can provide 1 month of food, school uniforms, medical care, and discipleship for an at-risk child

A gift of $550 can provide a month of outreach to rescue street kids trapped in Cambodia's sex industry

A gift of $900 can provide a year of shelter, counseling and skills training for a girl who has fled sex tourism

Or invest any amount to help rescue victims and prevent human trafficking


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