Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Leprosy Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

25 Oct

Abigail’s Ambition

A teacher couldn't hope for a better student. Excited to learn, eager to participate, willing to follow instructions—all those attributes describe Abigail. The only problem is she's just 3 years old, and therefore not old enough to attend school.

04 Sep

Dusty Dreams

As our team slowly ascended the dirt paths winding up the hillsides above Dhulikhel, Nepal, last March, we had no idea this scene of pastoral tranquility would be ruptured by a 7.9-magnitude earthquake the very next month.

01 Sep

A Beautiful Investment

For Premalatha, the prospects of a brighter future were non-existent. She and her siblings were abandoned by their impoverished parents. So they found themselves being raised by grandparents who were afflicted with leprosy and whose only means of survival was begging. Consequently, the children were consigned to India's lowest level of poverty. Living in a leprous community shut all educational doors for them, extinguished any future hopes for marriage, and sealed their tragic fates. Worse, Premalatha was taught by her Hindu culture that they were all suffering for sins committed in their former lives. There was no sense even dreaming.

27 May

A Heaven’s Family Holiday

Jubilation is not what you might expect at a leprosy colony, but that is the only word I can use to describe the expression of joy and excitement I witnessed coming from the students we are sponsoring! While I was visiting Frobel's Garden High School in Hyderabad, India, last March they were given a day off from school to celebrate their progress.

01 Mar

Leprosy Ministry Fund

Although modern leprosy (Hansen's Disease) is easily cured and rendered noncontagious, it continues to plague the poor in some developing nations. Victims are stigmatized and ostracized. Just like in Bible days, to survive, they must beg. Jesus cared for leprosy victims, and because of His love within us, so do we, in both China and India.

01 Dec

Defying Gravity

I was already somewhat in a state of shock—even though I had done my best to prepare for what I knew I would see. It was my first visit to a Heaven's Family-supported leprosy clinic in Hyderabad, India. As I had imagined beforehand, it wasn't easy to look at the infected wounds of leprosy patients as they were compassionately dressed by dedicated nurses. But then came a shock of a different kind for which I was unprepared.

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