Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Micro-Loan Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

18 Dec

Orange You Grateful? [Jeff’s 2nd Guest Blog from Myanmar]

After several days of meeting families in villages where Heaven's Family is just beginning to work—and where parents are still sending their children away to institutional child care facilities (aka, orphanages)—it was refreshing to finally visit some villages where Heaven's Family is turning that tide of children through micro-loans. Having first met the people of Maul Zawl and Zatwal, neighboring villages in Northeast Chin State, in 2010, I was excited to see their progress.

05 Aug

On the (Dusty) Road to Success

Edwin Wanyonyi is from Saboti, Kenya. When Edwin first received his $730 micro-loan from Heaven's Family, he was barely able to support his wife, mother and two sisters, surviving only on the odd jobs that Edwin could scrounge up. After Edwin received approval of his business plan early in 2014, he used his loan to purchase a motorbike to start a taxi business.

09 Mar

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder [David’s 7th and Final Blog from Myanmar]

Yesterday our motorcycles took us along more jungle paths to find two villages that have never welcomed white-skinned people: Upper Chai and Lower Chai, both in the middle of nowhere, consisting of 40 and 60 families respectively. These are some of the poorest villages which I've yet visited. Talking to the elders of Upper Chai, I learned that there are 10 village children living in orphanages hundreds of miles away, and 9 of those 10 have one living parent; the remaining child's parents are both alive.

03 Mar

Dancing with Cho Yainians [David’s 5th Photo Blog from Myanmar]

When the dirt road ended today, Stephen and I once again jumped on motorcycles whose fearless, young drivers took us on a deep descent into a distant valley, across a river on a swaying suspension bridge, and up a narrow ridge. As the day waned, 180 citizens of Cho Yain Village were waiting on a hand-dug soccer field to welcome us, many of whom were dressed in their tribe's traditional clothing, ready to dance.

01 Mar

Micro-Loan Fund

At our very first meeting, I could tell that 20-year-old Kevin Chaya of Kenya had what it takes to succeed in business. He already ran a dry-goods wholesale/retail business, but he needed capital to expand. Believing in his plan—and Kevin's Christian integrity—Heaven's Family granted him what we call an "Opportunity Loan." The results: Within a year, Kevin's business grew 10-fold and employed 3 other poor Kenyans. Kevin repaid his loan 4 months early!

01 Jan

The Unemployable Employer

Samwell Juma is a smart, young Kenyan man who had run out of options. After graduating from a local college with a degree in computer technology, Samwell applied and interviewed everywhere he could think of, but no one wanted to hire him. As smart as Samwell was, potential employers had misgivings during interviews. Samwell was becoming desperate. He had a wife and baby boy to support.

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