Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Orphan’s Tear Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

04 Nov

Where do children in orphanages come from? [Fourth Blog from Myanmar]

This grandma was just about to send her two orphaned grandsons to an orphanage, until Orphan’s Tear stepped in with a micro-loan. I’ve always wondered where the children who live in orphanages come from, so with great anticipation we hopped on our motorbikes and headed […]

01 Nov

New Hope in Valung Village [Third Blog from Myanmar]

U Thang Lio standing proudly in front of her house that was rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in 2009 Dear Friends, What a day! I traveled into once-forbidden Chin State, a region that has been closed to foreigners until very recently. And this year […]

31 Oct

Soon self-sufficient! [Second Blog from Myanmar]

The loom that is helping Rapha Orphanage prosper. I’m very happy to announce that Rapha Orphanage in Kalaymyo is well on it’s way to becoming completely self-sufficient! This year they received a loan for a loom business that is already generating enough income to provide […]

30 Oct

Orphans with Parents? [First Myanmar Blog]

Laing and Lily Thang. After arriving safely in Myanmar, one of our first stops was to Rhema Childcare Center in Yangon. As I sat talking to the director, That Ci, two of the world’s cutest little girls entered the room. Laing and Lily Thang came […]

28 Oct

Bring Your Children Home! [Fourth and Final Blog from Nepal]

These two precious girls from Loving Children’s Home will hopefully be reunited with their parents soon Dear Friends, In the past three blogs I’ve shared some exciting news from Nepal. At New Hope Home, I witnessed the wonderful care that the children are receiving there. […]

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