Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Orphan’s Tear Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

02 Aug

A Budding Evangelist

Sagar, a budding evangelist. I’d like to share with you a wonderful story about a little evangelist named Sagar, who lives at Blessing House orphanage in India. I’ll let the proud director of Blessing House tell you Sagar’s story in his own words: Sagar is […]

17 May

Obed the Fisherman

Obed showing off one of the fish he caught with his bare hands! Now, during the hottest season in Myanmar, none of the boys at New Heritage Orphanage need any coaxing to jump into their pond to do a little fishing, especially Obed! Obed’s parents […]

08 May

A trip to the Zoo

All the children of Living Hope Orphanage with an elephant at the local zoo. The school year is over for children in Myanmar, and for them—just like it is for every child around the world—that means it’s time to celebrate the successful completion of another […]

01 Apr

Heavenly Haven

It could be the world's longest current civil war, a conflict all but ignored by the rest of the world during its 64 long years. On one side of the fighting is the Burmese army, dutifully obeying the whims of paranoid military leaders; on the other, the Karen people, the largest ethnic minority in Myanmar (Burma), who long for autonomy. Many have fled the genocide and now live in refugee camps along the Thai border, hoping to ultimately start a new life in one of a dozen welcoming nations. In spite of many positive political reformations in Burma's recent years, the conflict still continues, and innocent lives are caught in the crossfire.

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