Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Orphan’s Tear Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

27 May

Firefighting Astronaut

What do you want to be when you grow up? is a familiar question to most of us. We often hear (or said) things like a firefighter so I can save lives or an astronaut so I can explore space. (Ask enough children and you'll probably get one that says firefighting astronaut!) Almost always the answers are fanciful, or extend far beyond the likely reach of that child—or so we think.

21 May

Chan Thang Go Home!

I wish orphan care ministry was always smiles, giggles and success, but it isn't. Unfortunately, we sometimes find a "bad apple" orphanage director who isn't honest with us, or due to some other ongoing, unbiblical behavior we must end their support. It grieves me deeply because I know it's the children who suffer most from a director's poor choices. Though we may discontinue our financial support of a particular orphanage, however, that doesn't mean our prayer support for their kids should stop.

01 May

The Prize of Enterprise

He speaks excellent English, as well as his native Burmese and Chin. He has a PhD in Christian Ministry, and he teaches in several Bible schools. He also directs an orphanage that Heaven's Family's Orphan's Tear Ministry has supported since 2007. We've taught him about kinship and foster care's superiority over orphanage care, and he's embraced the concept, to the degree that some of the children who formerly lived at his Yangon orphanage are now back home. His orphanage's child population has decreased from 18 to 12 in recent years.

01 May

Separated Siblings

"I will not give up until I've found my sisters and my brother!" After months of fruitless searching, 13-year-old Isaias was determined not to quit. They were, originally, four siblings living under one roof, born to an alcoholic father among the indigenous people of Mexico's Sierra Madre: Isaias, the oldest, fraternal twin sisters Marisol and Matilde, and little brother Joel. When their mother died, their bedridden father parceled them out.

01 May

Goodbye Mother, Hello Orphanage

"I'm sorry, but you must leave our home, our friends and our village. I can no longer afford to care for you." Those were the heartbreaking words that Ren Hawi dreaded to speak to her 5-year-old daughter, Biak Rem Sui. But the day came when she had to say them. With grief, Ren took Biak to an orphanage that was several hours from their home in a remote village of Myanmar. Then mother and little daughter tearfully said goodbye.

23 Apr

Straightening Bent Lives…and

Straightening lives that have been twisted by abuse and neglect has become a special calling of God on the life of Nicole Fitzpatrick, a Heaven's Family missionary in Mexico. She has learned that Jesus' love, poured out liberally and consistently over time, makes even the most broken and bent souls straight.

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