Meet the Director

David Promise

Director, Persecuted Christians Ministry

I have committed everything I am to being discipled by Jesus personally, to lead my family and all those God puts in my life to be discipled by Him as well. My deepest desire is to make disciples who make disciples—until the job is done, until the multitudes from every tongue, tribe and nation are gathered around the throne to worship the Lamb.

As a young person the stirring stories of “God’s Smuggler” and “The Hiding Place” that my mom read to her three boys at family devotions, made a huge imprint on my tender heart. It seemed as if there was not a greater calling than to minister among authentic persecuted believers. Little did I know that in my own story I would walk among the persecuted in China training the underground church leaders and be among the first to enter previously closed nations like Albania, Romania, Ukraine and Cambodia. Often, I could not share much about the details of my ministry except to small circles of ministry supporters and partners. Today there is a new “boldness” in world mission as our time seem short and the need so great. In ministry to the persecuted, there is no such thing as a closed country. If we are willing to count the cost there is a way to reach those areas that were once considered unreachable. Heaven’s Family is partnering with some of the most unique and creative persecuted Christians to assist them to make disciples and plant churches from inside their most difficult situation. We believe that regardless of the cost. it is worth the investment. I believe that our invitation is loud and clear in this generation to join King Jesus in what He is strategically doing all over the earth. That includes ministry to persecuted Christians.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Persecuted Christians Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

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