Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Persecuted Christians Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Sep

Surviving Solo

It was past midnight. Samuel was standing, soaking wet, on the riverbank looking back across the dark water now separating him from his home country of North Korea. Though the night air was cool, he barely noticed. His wildly beating heart was pumping generous amounts of adrenaline throughout his body. I made it!...he thought with elation...I actually made it.

27 Jul

Truth vs. Fear

Is the truth of the gospel more powerful than my fear? Mia could no longer ignore the question—a tsunami of panic now threatened to drown her both emotionally and spiritually. Over the past 3 years Mia has often made the dangerous journey across the border into China to secure food and other life-sustaining supplies for her family that were in short supply in impoverished North Korea. Once safely across the border, she then found a secret refuge where she was welcomed with open arms.

22 Jun

A Secret Meeting [Ben’s 3rd and Final Blog from South Korea]

I emerged from the subway at the agreed-upon rendezvous point and straight into a rainstorm. Droplets of water immediately began spilling down my face, making it a challenge to scan the busy street around me for my contact. Then I spotted her across the street, taking shelter in an empty coffee shop. How interesting, I thought, that crowds of hurried South Koreans were unknowingly shuffling by one of the greatest North Korean smugglers of our time.

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