Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Persecuted Christians Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Dec

Tears for His Tormentors

"When he learned that I had been reading a booklet about a boy who found forgiveness through Jesus Christ, my father tied me to a pillar of our house and beat me with a stick. The next morning he lovingly told me, 'We Muslims should not read such books. They are haram [forbidden]. Because their books are so persuasive, we too will become Christians if we read them. What then will happen to our family? It will affect our whole life." Qississ' father, a Muslim Mullah in southern India, didn't realize how prophetic his words would prove to be as he lectured his eleven-year-old son.

01 Jul

A Risky Rendevous

I felt as if I were in a spy movie. As I stood at a designated spot in a Chinese city near the border of North Korea, an unmarked vehicle pulled up. I slipped into the back seat, and the driver whisked me away through a maze of streets. When we reached our destination, I was ushered through a dark alley to the back door of a restaurant. Once inside, I was led to a hidden back room. There, Mrs. Joon was waiting for me. She was visibly apprehensive about our dinner meeting, but she knew that she would have to trust someone if her mission was to succeed.