Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Refugee Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Mar

Refugee Ministry

The war in Syria has taken the spotlight on the world's stage the past few years, and the ones who have suffered the most—as in every conflict—are the women and children. The media focuses on bombings and brutality, while mothers and children endure quiet, desperate lives in tents, subsist on limited, poor quality food, find no educational opportunities and feel no hope.

18 Feb

Nine Grateful Girls

My heart was stolen a year ago when I met 9 precious young girls who were rescued from warring Dinka and Nuer tribes in the newly formed South Sudan, Africa. Each of them carries a horrific story about losing their families and becoming orphans less than 2 years ago. They were made to witness atrocities that no child should ever see.

19 Jan

You Stood By Us

Bahira and her family had to flee from their home in Syria when militants captured their city. They found refuge in another part of Syria, but now live in an unfinished building with only a roof over their heads—no walls, no electricity and no water—an "apartment" they must pay $67 a month for. But it's better than the alternative...and it's winter in Syria now, too.

01 Jan

Imam Turned Infidel

Akilah screamed and wailed—despite her husband's frantic attempts to quiet her. But it was too late. Surely their neighbors had heard. And Ishaq could hardly blame his wife for her outburst. For months he had delayed making his dreaded confession to her. Now there was no turning back.

04 Dec

Garbage Duty

Mom is very sick and they don't know what happened to Dad—in prison? dead? What they do know is that the rent for their home—an unfinished structure that has a roof supported by pillars, but no walls, plumbing or electricity—costs $43 each month and it's up to the 3 children to earn it.

04 Nov

Refugee for Life

When ISIS advanced into the Palestinian refugee camps within Syria, Bushra, a life-long refugee, had to flee once again to save the lives of her family. They fled to an area of relative peace and safety still inside Syria. They would have preferred to find someplace further from the conflict and turmoil, but like most refugees and internally displace people (IDP), their options and resources are very scarce.

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