Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Refugee Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

12 Mar

Tale of Two Sisters [Becky’s 3rd and Final Blog from Africa]

I simply cannot leave Kenya without telling you about a bright spot for me in the partnership of Heaven's Family with Cindi's Hope. Cindi's Hope cares for more than 100 children who have been abused, severely neglected or abandoned in the savage slums of Nairobi. But as director of the Christian Refugees Fund, I came first and foremost to meet 13 very precious Sudanese orphans, also in Cindi's care.

11 Mar

A Joyful Meeting in Nakuru [Becky’s 2nd Blog from Africa]

We said our goodbyes to the wonderful ladies in Goma, DR Congo, and traveled to the city of Nakuru in neighboring Kenya, where the Christian Refugees Fund has been helping Sudanese refugees for the last few years. Traveling to Nakuru from the capital, Nairobi, is always exciting! We almost always get to see zebra and baboons on the roadside along the way. It is amazing to see these animals in the wild and up close!

10 Mar

Great Progress in Goma [Becky’s 1st Blog from Africa]

Diane and I were quite taken back as we disembarked from our car. Women and children were greeting us with singing and dancing! It was so humbling, as we knew we were undeserving of such an honor, but it helped us realize how grateful all of them are for the help they've been receiving from Heaven's Family. I know that we only represent the many donors who have loved and cared for them. I want you to know that they are so thankful for you! So please keep reading!

01 Mar

Christian Refugees Fund

As barbaric jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) advanced towards their village, "Fatima" and her family left their home and possessions behind, fleeing for their lives to a safer city in Syria. There Fatima heard of a Christian church that was providing food parcels for refugees—regardless of their religious affiliation. She visited to request food, and Fatima experienced the sincere love of Christian believers for the first time in her life.

27 Oct

Let me kiss your hands!

When your life is in real danger, you flee as fast as you can with your family and loved ones, leaving everything else behind. That’s what Alyia (not her real name) and her family did when the persecution against Christians, currently taking place in Iraq from ISIS, came to their village. Due to Alyia’s frail, aged condition, however, she had to be carried.

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