Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Safe Water Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

22 May

Sarojini Drinks in a New Life

This month marks the 7th anniversary of the end of Sri Lanka's bloody civil war. Drastic numbers of Sri Lankan soldiers perished—as did many of the boys and girls who were forced to fight. Sarojini was one such child soldier. Her peaceful, happy life was ripped from her in 2007 at the age of 17. She simply never returned home from school one day.

29 Apr

A Well Makes Girls Well

All was not well for the girls living at Jaffna Children's Home. Some were developing skin rashes, while others came down with cases of diarrhea and the flu. After some investigation the cause was found: the shallow water table their well drew from had become contaminated.

01 Mar

Safe Water Ministry

Another sick child. Shanthi's heart broke seeing one of her little ones ill once again because of drinking contaminated water, but there were no clean water options. Shanthi was too poor to purchase bottled water or fuel to boil the contaminated water she drew from her village's only supply, water that required her to hike for hours every day.